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After a successful 4th UK MicroFest and Late at Tate (at Tate Britain) in early 2011, Microtonal Projects are promoting EUROMicroFest in 2013. The programme started in Cologne in Jan/Feb and this event formed the basis of a radio broadcast by Deutschlandfunk. In April the second event took place, a concert in Bern, Switzerland by Music Proton followed by concerts in Freiburg on 3rd May and Paris on 5th May followed closely by a three day event in Freiburg 10-12th May.

We have been keeping followers informed on our BLOG.

In October 'Beyond the Semitone' will take place at Aberdeen University in conjunction with sound. Download the call for scores and papers.

Some photos documenting the events in Cologne and Freiburg are now on our Flickr pages.



Microtonal Projects are delighted to announce the launch of Stephen Altoft's new CD, The Yasser Collection, 19 pieces for 19-div trumpet featuring pieces by 17 composers. Click here to download an interactive pdf which gives further details or click the image below to see the inner sleeve of the CD.


We have produced lots of video documentation of our projects which can be seen on our You Tube and Vimeo channels - also make sure you join us on Facebook.

See Surya Williams's film of Late at Tate below and download the programme here!

Microtonal Projects is a collective community of volunteers and any support offered goes 100 percent towards our projects. We are extremely grateful to have been supported by PRS, RVW Trust, Hinrichsen Foundation, Dutch Embassy, Riverhouse Arts Centre, and many individuals in the past.